Purchasing Plots:


For purchasing plots please contact our marketing department. You can alternatively email us at the Information Desk.


Allotment of Plots:

Pakistan has a considerable potential for foreign investors both in terms of endowment features and the government policy of deregulation, privatization and liberalization of economy.

Government of Pakistan attaches great importance to the role of foreign investment in accelerating the pace of industrial development in Pakistan. The government has, therefore, decided to spare no efforts in assisting the investors to operate in a climate that assures efficient production and growth.

The reforms package announced by the government has been a major leap forward and has a positive impact on the investment climate in the country. Pakistan, a land of many splendors and opportunities, has a population of more than 135 million industrious, enterprising and hospitable population. Flanked by Iran and land locked Afghanistan in the West, Central Asian Republics and China in the North and Gulf States just across the Arabian Sea in the South, Pakistan is strategically located for easy and convenient access to the potential future international market.


Getting Plot Possession:

Possession can be gained on ground after you get the allotment letter. Our site offices are ready and fully trained to help you in this regards. All the plots on the site are marked and the boundries ascertained to remove any confusion between clients.

Transfer of Plots:

Plots can be transferred in your name in the Revenue Records once you have made the full payment and received an allotment letter in your favor. All charges in this regard are born by the client.